How to choose famous books by European writers

While Egypt might have been the cradle of earlier learning and civilization a long time ago, today, Europe is the cradle of literature and learning. The most interesting thing about Europe is that every year it produces top writers who go on to win one prestigious award after another.

If you fancy reading a good thriller, then the best place to start is to hunt for who will really give you value for money it would be very unfair to pick on one writer and claim that he/she is the best at the expense of all the others. However, the good thing is that as the reader, it will be your mandate to really find out who the best writer is for you. To determine the best European writer, you will have to consider a number of factors.

1. What is your favorite topic or category of that you love? If you like reading detective thrillers for example, then there is a writer that you admire most in that category. If you like losing yourself in a thrilling romance, then you really must have a writer in that category whose books you cannot afford to miss. Therefore, you see, it really should not be hard to know who your best writer is, depending entirely on your taste.

2. You can also use the internet to find out who is trending at any given time. The good thing is that even before the top book fairs open, you will already know about the best books on the internet. Just find out what book is trending online and you will have the best writers. After all, it is the writer who makes books and therefore the best book comes from the best writer.

3. Follow the book reviews in the . Most of the dailies usually have space reserved for book reviews. Of course, the book that gets the most reviews is the best. However, watch out for the negative reviews. Basically, a book that catches the attention of the critics must be good, whether they review it negatively or positively. Follow book news from book fairs and soon, you will have the best book from Europe.